Munich – A recent traffic study commissioned by the ADAC shows that virtually all the traffic jams caused by cars on German roads that suddenly go walking pace or even be on part. Here, the length of the congestion increases, the more drivers at the same time talking about such a nonsensical low pace decide experts of an enigmatic herd instinct.

‘ In our studies we noticed that all jams have one thing in common: The vehicles involved are or will be only conducted with pace’, summarizes study leader Bernd Stenzel the results of his study.’ And that, even though the speed limit is much higher.’

Whether motor vehicle driver suddenly decide to stand still or stop-and -go traffic, to rest or to save fuel, could not be answered in the study. Even the question of why so many drivers often join at once, scientists remained a mystery.

is only positive that this traffic rest periods can be used by construction workers to build sites in the initial region of such jams.

To resolve a traffic jam, according to the study must lead all drivers accelerate at the same time on the speed limit ( on highway without limitation recommended speed ). After all, could be find in the course of study, not a single traffic jam on sections where it was driven at full speed |.^0^|

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