He needed her to be hearing: sadist dog led around for years on a leash

He needed her to be hearing: sadist dog led around for years on a leash

Rosenheim – One might be hard to imagine that martyrdom had to suffer this poor creature: an obviously sadistic assessed woman from Rosenheim is accused of having a pug systematically tortured and humiliated over the years to the point of submission. Since his childhood, the 28 -year-old Clara W. should the dog she always led around on a leash, have completely subjected to their will.

|^^ 6 | that the case ever came to light, is due to an attentive local resident. Opposite the Postillon describes the 55 -year-old Bettina M., as they met the sadist a few days ago during a walk.’ I ran straight through the park, I saw her on a leash with a dog. He tried to get away from her, and was thereby completely unintelligible sounds.’ In the next few minutes early retiree must watch as Clara W. the animal in the public tortures and humiliates.

One sees that he went through hell: Pug dog Chico ( 4 )’ The poor dog had his relieve themselves on a grassy field. Then she let him even drink water from a completely filthy puddle’ she says.’ The need to have formally trained the poor animal.’ Because then the woman threw repeatedly off a dirty old ball, which you had to always bring again and place in front of the Pug.

meantime have become known more gruesome details of the case. According to the police allowed the dog who goes by the name Chico, eat at home only from a bowl on the floor. In addition, he had to sleep in an old basket.

Every command of his tormentor, who called herself’ mistress’, Chico had to run. Contact to other dogs he was allowed only under its permanent supervision. Particularly repugnant: to make Apparently amenable to Chico, was the wife of a physician remove the testicles of the animal.

According to police, the accused had already confessed in a first interrogation. In a conviction for assault and false imprisonment threatens her several -year prison sentence. In her apartment officials found today another instrument of torture, including a tiny transport cage, several collars, a muzzle and a whistle that emits excruciatingly high frequencies.

Chico has now been released into the wild, but remains in mental health care, in order to process the experience.

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