FIFA relocated its headquarters to Qatar

FIFA relocated its headquarters to Qatar

Zurich, Qatar – FIFA breaks their tents in Europe from: With immediate effect, the international football association moved its headquarters from Zurich to the Persian Gulf. Thanks to the active support from initially 25,000, last 24 532 migrant workers the new headquarters could be handed over ready after just four months already.

Finding the climate in Qatar currently favorable: Blatter The reason for the hasty acting outward relocation According to FIFA boss Sepp Blatter is trivial nature:’ Before now all speculate: Yes, the move has in primarily personal reasons,’explained Blatter in Qatar while he just lifts a potted plant from a moving box in his new office. Accordingly, the cold weather and the humidity in Switzerland him get not so good.’ I just have to listen to my body,’ said Blatter.’ I want the job after all, make a few more Jahrzehntchen.’

The fact that there is no extradition treaty between Qatar and the US, is projected to FIFA officials have played no role in the relocation decision. However, insiders report that several FIFA officials are said to have complained behind closed doors,’ Switzerland is no longer what it once was’.

Still do not want all links in the Alpine republic hats the world football federation. The FIFA Ethics Committee will remain in Zurich and once a year a report to the headquarters in Qatar they send must be only looking for a new place to live. Because the old FIFA headquarters in Zurich is to be completely shredded later this week for privacy reasons.

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