More and more countries to bomb Syria to end the killing

More and more countries to bomb Syria to end the killing

Damascus – must soon no one die in Syria? After the US, Canada, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Britain and France and Russia now has decided to mitigate there by dropping explosives from a great height, the suffering of the population.

‘ For a long time it was thought, arms sales alone would be enough to curb the killings’, declared peace researcher Jacques Rothmann.’ However, although Germany has supplied the Kurds, the US various rebel groups, Saudi Arabia and the IS Russia, the Assad regime, the conflict seems to have not finished.’

And again a little less murders. Now more and more countries, the cities destroyed by airstrikes Syria try again to make liveable a commitment to welcome the Syrian refugees:’ It’s great that now even more involved with Russia another superpower it to bomb my country. I turn immediately to and return home’, explains about the 26 year old Muhammad Shakour of Rakka, who has just survived the hazardous crossing from Turkey to Kos Island.

It is clear that the international community lets people in Syria alone, even if the bombing should not lead to the hoped-for end to the conflict through a dozen countries with different geopolitical objectives. Then nuclear powers such as Russia, France or the United States could still fall back on its nuclear arsenal to stop the senseless killings final |.^0^|

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