CDU and FDP demanding unconditional doctorate for politicians

CDU and FDP demanding unconditional doctorate for politicians

Berlin – MPs of the CDU and CSU as well as representatives of the currently active outside parliament FDP today presented a joint draft law, which provides for an unconditional doctorate for politicians. The aim is embarrassing and elected officials unworthy Doktortitelentzuge be prevented in future. The union -run Education Ministry already signaled the green light to the so-called Dr. pseud.

‘ We are of the firm belief that any politician deserves to lead regardless of educational level and performance at least a PhD, “said Silvana Koch-Mehrin ( FDP ).’ Especially in today’s competitive society, we need a solidarity principle in the distribution of intellectual degrees for politicians.’ This is a question of humanity.. Mentally arms should not be to the petitioners the University

Give it can not go fast enough: Dr. von der Leyen at the elaboration of the draft law were beside Koch-Mehrin also the former defense minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg ( CSU ), the FDP politician Margarita Mathiopoulos, Matthias Profrock ( CDU ), Bijan Djir – Sarai ( FDP ), Dieter Jasper ( CDU ), Andreas Scheuer ( CSU ), Annette Schavan and Jorgo Chatzimarkakis ( FDP ) involved.

The Act provides, inter alia, the abolition of unfulfillable for obtaining a doctorate conditions about the personal writing of a dissertation. Also threatening sanctions such as withdrawal of the doctoral degree in the case of fraud should be abolished.

Verteidigunsministerin Ursula von der Leyen ( CDU ) called on the coalition,’ as soon as possible to vote’ on the relevant law. Von der Leyen literally:’ Quick, quick, quick. Damn it, we no longer have much time’

The unconditional doctorate for politicians could be thwarted at the last minute, however: Unknown Netzaktivsten want the help of a specially established WebWikis ! Have (‘ PlagPlag’ ) found that the bill passages as desolate has been copied together from other draft laws |.^0^|

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