Accident prevention: Traffic lights to make safer roundabouts

Accident prevention: Traffic lights to make safer roundabouts

Berlin (archive ) – With an unusual new feature will make the Ministry of Transport German roads safer: the world’s first country of Germany has decided to introduce traffic lights at roundabouts. Between six and 18 traffic signal per rotor will in future ensure a better traffic flow and increased safety by dividing the chaotic for many motorists transport hubs more simple, with traffic sections.

‘An ordinary intersections traffic lights work indeed excellent, so why not at roundabouts?’, Founded Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt ( CSU ) its decision on the reform. In addition, the Ministry is based in his decision on an independent study of the traffic light manufacturer Swarco what lights should reduce the risk of accidents at roundabouts by more than 70 percent.

Especially for traffic turning left, who had to fight in traffic light loose roundabouts always with difficulty, thus the turn oversimplifying enormously |.^1^| In the long term plans to the Department of Transportation by its own account anyway, the outdated concept roundabout in favor of a traffic lights far more appropriate’ square traffic’ abandon. By eliminating breakneck cornering safety is to be increased even further.

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