Doctors find completely preserved human skeleton in the body of man

Doctors find completely preserved human skeleton in the body of man

Meppen (archive ) – What a creepy Fund ! During a routine examination doctors of the hospital Ludmillenstift have discovered in Meppen a completely preserved human skeleton in the body of a 45 -year-old roofer. Now the police are trying to sort out where the bones come. A violent crime can not yet be ruled out

It all began innocently enough at:.’ Mr Benno F. came to us to the hospital and complained of pain at the elbow’, so the attending physician Dr. Bracksen for Postillon .’ Because I found no external reason for the discomfort, I decided to x-ray the patient.’

But how great was the shock for Bracksen and his colleagues, as they noticed that the arm of Benno F. bones were human bones

has a skeleton in the body: Benno F.’ We have Mr F. then weitergerontgt and gradually found that there is a complete skeleton in his body’, so Bracksen further.’ There must have been lying for quite a while, because the White to the bone was clearly visible, indicating an advanced stage of decay.’ After this ghastly discovery, the hospital immediately alerted the police.

Benno F. Sitting now in pre-trial detention, claimed in his testimony stiff and strong, he would not know how the skeleton to have come into his body. That looks the prosecution, however, different. She believes – not least because the human remains are distributed evenly over the body of F. – that an act is to be veiled intent here. Prosecutor Heiko Muller:’ Benno F. will hardly come with a skeleton of this size in the body to the world.’

After all, there are the first findings about the owner of the bones: From the x-rays show that the skeleton of a man in his mid 40 dates. Intermediate bone wear indicates that he in his lifetime a’ real tough job’ – as in construction – was doing. Is it about a colleague of F. |?^1^| Everything else can only be clarified by an exhumation of the bones of the prosecutor’s opinion. For this purpose, they must be taken as part of a larger surgery from the body of Benno F.. In a subsequent autopsy of the skeleton one could then determine the exact cause of death.

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