Volker Kauder ordered 63 large barrels acid

Volker Kauder ordered 63 large barrels acid

Berlin – The leader of the Christian Democrats, Volker Kauder, today ordered 63 filled with hydrofluoric acid barrels immediately after the vote of the Bundestag about a third rescue package for Greece. The learned of the Postillon from insiders. What the politicians need as much acid, is not yet known |.^3^|

Kauder itself declined to comment on the alleged purchase.’ Today I would like to give any information about my private purchases’, the politician told the postilion while he overlaid on rubber gloves and a long piece of wire wrapped around both hands.’ I have messed with the Greece vote the day all 63 dissidents. As you can certainly understand that I’m not so talkative.’

For him stand after the embarrassing vote, the failure analysis at the top, so Kauder.’ We must now look together, what went wrong, “he vowed.’ There will be many conversations in private.^0^| I’m sure, then all differences of opinion between me and the deviants are easily dissolve’. |

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