The caretaker’s it! VW presented single culprit behind exhaust affair

The caretaker's it! VW presented single culprit behind exhaust affair

Wolfsburg – The scandal over manipulated exhaust emissions of diesel vehicles VW is surprising after days of criticism on full transparency and lays the sole responsible open. Accordingly, the 61 -year-old caretaker Hans Bobner said to have used his access to the company’s headquarters in Wolfsburg to make by hand manipulating the software of several million vehicles. Meanwhile Bobner has itself filed a first confession.

‘ Yes, it’s true: I, Hans Bobner,’ve thought of everything and all alone performed to deliberately to harm my employer’, Bobner statement today in one of an unknown location the Caribbean recorded video message, which was today presented by VW to the investigating authorities.

From Bobner manipulated VW engine outside of test situations, the criminal genius confessed also:’ I have in my spare time installed in world’s 11 million cars a software that at the emissions testing Emi what does it say? oh the emission Committee uh reduced emissions. The good people of VW and in particular the leadership of Mr Winterkorn are innocent 100 percent. They were all from me fooled. All ! Mua. Ha. Ha Oh ! Uh. Muahahaha !’

What the loud colleagues always humble janitor to moved to deceive his employer so is unclear.’ It just does not make sense’, reported Raumpflegerin Helga B. who saw Bobner several times a week.’ I always had the impression that he was happy at VW. Only yesterday he didnt get a bonus of 4.3 million euros and a plane ticket to the Caribbean. For his faithful service.’

In the group management you’re horrified.’ How could Hans, I uh my Lord Bobner, only so lead us up the garden path?’ To VW CEO Martin Winterkorn asked at a news conference.’ But nice that it is now clarified. We keep our law enforcement agencies crossed that they catch the villain and are glad that this scandal has finally got’ |.^1^| Immediately after the confession of the value of VW shares jumped from 108 to 163 euros |.^0^|

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