Sponsor VW congratulates VfL Wolfsburg to 1: 1 against Bayern

Sponsor VW congratulates VfL Wolfsburg to 1: 1 against Bayern

Munich, Wolfsburg – huge praise from the top! Main sponsor VW has the VfL ​​Wolfsburg expressly for remarkable 1: 1 congratulates against Bayern Munich. Man is proud of the nearly flawless performance of the entire team that was marred only by a single goal by Robert Lewandowski something, it says from the Group Headquarters. Further goals we could not be ascertained

detracted from the success of the VfL ​​minimal with a Goalkeeper:. Robert L.’ Of course we would have been pleased about a victory even more’, so the VW Group CEO Martin Winterkorn in a video message, in which he symbolically hand shakes VfL Mascot Wolfi.’ But against Bayern is a 1: 1 a perfectly acceptable result which absolutely meets the requirements that are placed on the VfL ​​. Whoever claims otherwise is lying !’

The only goal that the wolves sometime between the 51st and 60th Minute suffered by Robert Lewandowski, you regret at VW, but it was certain that the team will be improved here.

After all, said Winterkorn, was the VfL ​​Wolfsburg not in vain German record champions and have fourteen times in succession, the Champions League won.

The only real criticism Winterkorn was directed against the television coverage. Repeatedly that in the live broadcast of the game less than nine minutes Lewandowski scoring the 1:. 1 flickered across the screens, is completely exaggerated and sensational been, so the manager

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