Saxony-Anhalt its name to Anhalt, to avoid being associated with Saxony

Saxony-Anhalt its name to Anhalt, to avoid being associated with Saxony

Magdeburg – That a city or a country operates an image campaign, is nothing new. However, Saxony-Anhalt is treading new ground here: the future, the State only Anhalt hot, to avoid being constantly associated with Saxony. Today announced The Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff ( CDU ). Trigger for the name change are the recent violence against refugees in Dresden, Freital and Heidenau.

‘ We have already hitchhikers longer played with the idea that” to wipe out our name’ Saxony, Haseloff told the press.’ Because unfortunately our beautiful state is only perceived by many as an appendage of Saxony or equal confused with either.’

If sometimes change its name, to avoid being constantly mistaken for a former Baywatch star: Reiner Haseloff reportedly in recent weeks had several foreign companies planned investments in Saxony-Anhalt on the basis of’ riots against foreigners’ withdrawn in towns of Saxony -Anhalt.

But German have their difficulties when it comes to the correct identification of the two states: A recent survey by the polling institute Opinion Control has revealed that 87 percent of Germans and as many as 37 percent Sachsen – Anhalter not know that there are two different federal states in Saxony and Saxony -Anhalt.

To counteract the, has now decided to rename. The deletion of the name part’ Saxe’ asserted itself against neologisms like’ Western Brandenburg’,’The State formerly known as Saxony-Anhalt ( TBFKASA )’ or’ California’ by.^1^| | From the Landeswappen the Saxon colors were deleted. In Lower Saxony, which also’ Saxons’ in its name, one follows the plans of Anhaltiner with interest. The State shall, however, adhere to its name because it is a bit like’ Down with axes !’ Sword, according to a spokesman of the Lower Saxony government.

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