Poll: Who has doubled arms exports, should better keep in refugee debate the mouth

Poll: Who has doubled arms exports, should better keep in refugee debate the mouth

Berlin – Whoever manages to double its revenues in Germany from arms exports to Arab countries and North Africa within a short time, which should in refugee issues’ rather shut up’. This opinion is an overwhelming majority of 98.4 percent of all Germans, as now revealed by a representative survey of the polling institute Opinion Control under 450 German citizens.

‘ Most respondents see the refugee debate as a highly complex topic with many facets of’ explains Franz Geiwasser, the director of the Institute.’ You will find that virtually everyone may freely express his opinion by the right-wing populists to the Left, by Horst Seehofer about Til Schweiger to Claudia Roth in the refugee debate should. The only exception: the one who is responsible for ensuring that Germany supplying the world in general and crisis regions in particular with an increasing number of weapons’. According to the respondents precisely this person should more than anyone else’ shut up’.

are moving in the opposite direction to the flow of refugees: Weapons quite as unanimous as the 98.4 percent can initially suspect that opinion but was ultimately not have been. The exact formulation, there had been some significant variations. For example, some suggested that the responsible for the increase of arms exports person may hold’ her saudummes mouth’. Others spoke of a’ big mouth’,’ stupid face’,’ dirt Erten Fotzn” Snout’ or just’ mouth’.

About the conditions for renewed participation in the refugee debate prevails among respondents on the other hand a broad consensus: The person concerned is to be only about 2067 again allowed to express on the subject of aid to refugees if all exported under its auspices weapons rusted or otherwise have become unusable.

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