Poll: Even wasps now annoyed by wasps

Poll: Even wasps now annoyed by wasps

Munich – They’re just everywhere. Meanwhile give even wasps to openly that they feel disturbed by the large number of wasps this summer. This is the result, a survey by the polling institute Opinion Control comes under 450 wasps. Some of the respondents came here in such a rage that she stabbed |.^6^|

‘ One has to be careful that you do not suddenly collides with a wasp flying yes’, complained one of the surveyed insects.’ And if you want to drink in peace somewhere in the beer garden Spezi, come right three more wasps and drink an all gone.’

Most disturb wasps wasps whose’ way to fly’. 91 percent of all wasps said they could not stand it when wasps’ so strange in the air and again and again change the position’.

Almost as annoying to their fellows feel a lot of wasps ( 85 percent ), that they are very quickly angry when one makes a wrong move or irritates them otherwise.^^ 2 | | In this topic, the pollsters were most often engraved. Quite a few wasps ashamed so much for their fellows that they only hum very quietly to not be identified immediately as a wasp.

No wonder that two thirds of all wasps demand that one must do something about the Wespenplage. Around 89 percent said they could not wait that autumn comes and’ the stupid beasts all die’ |.^0^|

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