North Koreans pitied 7.26 billion in the rest of the world trapped people

North Koreans pitied 7.26 billion in the rest of the world trapped people

Pyongyang – Their fate touched him deeply: Because they are included for a better life in the rest of the world without hope, has Cho Myung – Dae ( 67 ) from Pyongyang great compassion for the world around 7.26 billion non – North Koreans.

‘ The idea that there billions of people live who are prevented by their government from leaving North Korea, makes me concerned’, says Cho, of the since 1959 a member of the party North Korea is working.’ As the only hold out?’

The poor 7.26 billion will probably never should bow down to the statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. He has only two years ago admired when visiting the border the extensive grounds, with which the capitalist rulers want to discourage their citizens from a flight to North Korea.’ Who runs the only way to deny her freedom an effort merely to people?’

Since he has heard in the news that billions of people in the rest of the world by a life in North Korea dreaming, their fate is no longer lets him go. Sometimes he was ashamed for his good life in freedom, peace and luxury.

‘ I would even like to take up a fugitive from the United States, if there times one manages to freedom, but unfortunately, the beloved leader again reduced the food ration by 20 per cent in its infinite wisdom to me’, so cho sad |.^0^|

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