Munich: tent city on Theresienwiese to offer 6 million refugees asylum reality

Munich: tent city on Theresienwiese to offer 6 million refugees asylum reality

Munich – leave in droves their home some out of boredom or adventure, others just from thirst. The goal of their dreams: Munich. Well lets the Bavarian capital building in the middle of the Theresienwiese a collecting Langer to get the expected influx of six million people in the handle, which are on the run from the daily grind. It is the 182 projects of the City of Munich of this kind.

The helpfulness seems limitless: Hundreds Munich want the exhausted fugitives, of whom are expected from 19 September the first, received with beer, warm pretzels and hearty band music under the motto’ ALKIS WELCOME’.

In the refugee camp is very little space. Want to leave The hygiene conditions left. Alois Senftenberg is one of the people who want to help. With pork knuckles and white sausages he wants to alleviate the plight of the incident.’ The will indeed probably arrive only with the necessities of the body of here’, he suspects.’ More than a few hundred Euros, a packet of condoms and a smartphone will have the least.’

The 52 -year-old restaurateur is just one of hundreds of volunteers who want to take care of the partly dazed and disoriented reality refugees. A varied program of ghosts and roller coasters, Ferris wheels and shooting galleries to entertain the patients and their children should be established.

‘ Those who managed to escape from everyday life and leave work, partner and family behind him had to finally be free, deserves our help’, found Senftenberg, who is proud of the Bavarian welcoming culture.’ Because again someone should say, in Bavaria too little is being done for refugees !’

Helpful Munich bring the reality refugees drinks. Less positive look at the residents of the Theresienwiese the establishment of tent city. They fear that the refugees riot, be abusive or commit crimes. Already, the city has announced an increased police presence on the ground.

Anyway, the camp has been designed as a provisional arrangement: In early October, the tents are to be dismantled. Then, the refugees are to be distributed to Germany or sent back to their countries of origin, where they can process the experience. Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said:’ The repatriation of refugees is common to 4 October.’

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