More exhaust than thought: VW diesel cars suddenly popular in the US than ever

More exhaust than thought: VW diesel cars suddenly popular in the US than ever

Wolfsburg, Washington D.C. – After the weekend it became known that VW has tampered with the exhaust emissions from diesel vehicles in the US for testing specifically, the demand is greater than ever after the cars among US customers. In particular, in the so-called’ Red States’ is where traditionally voted Republican, the sales go through the roof.

New VW logo in the United States. In states like Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia are several thousand vehicles of affected models Jetta, Beetle, Golf and Passat alone in the past 24 hours have been sold, Volkswagen said on Monday. Observers see the now officially higher exhaust emissions of cars as decisive for the increase in sales, a declaration confirming locally.

‘ So far I always kept Volkswagen on useless hippie cars from Europe, which are driven only by ballet teachers on the east coast,’ explains about Dale Tucker from South Carolina who wants to rise just in his brand new VW Beetle. For the trained welders foreign vehicles have always been too silent and powerless.’ But since I’ve read that this small infernal machines more exhaust into the air pump as a construction roller, I realized that I so need a thing.’

When asked if he not find it questionable that climate change will accelerate due to higher emissions, he thinks for a moment and then says:’ Yeeehaaa’


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