Man can be No, I do not collect goddamn loyalty points ! tattooed on forehead

Man can be No, I do not collect goddamn loyalty points ! tattooed on forehead

Berlin – Markus R. has once and for all enough: Because he has no desire to ever again have to answer the same question when shopping in the supermarket or at the gas station, he has now in large, legible letters the words’ No, I collect no goddamn loyalty points !’ tattooed on his forehead.

‘ Whether I buy at Rewe, Real or dm, always comes from the cashier a bored’ collect Payback points’? That excites me something by on !’ Explains the 31 -year-old, who otherwise referred to as a patient person.’ No! No! No! I do not collect loyalty points ! Last year alone me has raked cost about nine hours of my precious life, always’ No’ to say’ |.^3^| Also on bahn.bonus program, the customer loyalty program of Telekom Happy Points and the frequent flyer program Miles He does not have Germany Card, no EssoCard, no time card from the nearest kebab shop and just want to be left alone.’ But try to make everyday life impossible to get through,’ he reported. Now he hopes that his tattoo helps cashiers in the world to make it clear what he thinks of loyalty points. It had been a last resort, as R. desperate.

retail experts, however, can the stubborn behavior by Markus R. not understand.’ He ought to only create the needed accounts, all of its data reveal, take unwanted advertising mail in purchase, always carry his loyalty cards, they show in every single shopping and could thus annually save up to 0.72 Euro in the form of premiums that he never wanted to have,’says Gerda Spellner by market research institute Store check, a wholly owned subsidiary of PAYBACK GmbH.’ Except, of course forfeited his points because he is not honored on time.’

Whether his new tattoo really gives him his long-awaited peace, do not know Markus R.. After all, he has the tattoo parlor, in which he allowed himself to pierce the lettering, offered a discount on future designs: If he collects at least four Arschgeweih stamp in his tattoo Use Issue, he can prick a squiggly children names with birth free,

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