Last minute transfer: HSV – Fan ( 33 ) moves to Manchester United

Last minute transfer: HSV - Fan ( 33 ) moves to Manchester United

Hamburg – There were tough negotiations, but now it’s official: Tobias Forstner from Hamburg leaving after 24 years to HSV and will continue cheering for Manchester United. That gave the manager of the 33 -year-old football fans at a press conference. About the transfer fee, all participants were silent out.

In professional circles, Forstner, the last time the cowl with the lozenge was this weekend, as a reliable and perfectionist fan who helped greatly that the HSV in the last two seasons but still avoiding relegation applies succeeded.

Although to have the Hamburger SV reportedly tried to the very end, Forstner, who had since his youth supporter of the association to bind himself with fifth place after the first four Premier League games and stars such as Wayne Rooney or Bastian Schweinsteiger have the island club but simply offered a more attractive environment.

Here is Tobias Forstner erjubeln for his new club’s victory is questionable whether the 33 -year-old talent in melodious roar, up and Abhupfen and the referee insult to the island, where there is known to be approaching something rougher, also can fully develop.

A few hours after the announcement of the change itself Forstner reported to speak for themselves.’ As a fan I will of course continue developing’ he said in a Facebook post.’ I’m very confident that I can develop my skills fanerischen at Manchester United even better. My former comrades from the north stand of course I wish all the best anyway.’

Now everything should happen very quickly: Tomorrow is the first time Forstner cheer loudly Manchester United after official launch his new team during training before the weekend awaits its first use in the fan curve. There, the new entry is already eagerly awaited.

In Hamburg, however, the disappointment is great. Several players of the first division to Forstner on the Internet according to media reports have insulted among others as a’ traitor’,’ torgeil’ and’ Judas’ |.^0^|

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