Just born Twelfth wife of Lothar Matthaus in Bucharest

Just born Twelfth wife of Lothar Matthaus in Bucharest

Bucharest (archive ) – Good news for Lothar Matthaus ! In the Romanian capital of Bucharest just his twelfth wife was born. Dorina Aurelia Popescu is 49 centimeters tall, weighs 3200 grams and today came the morning at 11:39 clock time via Caesarean section. Expected in 2035 at the age of 20 she is the 52 years her senior Lothar Matthaus Meet at the wedding with his eleventh wife. ^3^|

the future underwear model and the newly divorced most capped player ( then 75 ) A year later will marry | still has many plans. Lothar Matthaus Lothar Matthaus ( 54 ), which only last year Anastasia Klimko as wife number 5 married, knows nothing of his good fortune. While the small Dorina visited the kindergarten, the bustling Central Franke will fall in love with wife number 6 and 7, marry and get back to part with them. In Dorina Popescu School (2020-2030) then follow wife 8 to 10, with which the future ex – coach of San Marino bitter Rosenkriege in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntags- IMAGE supplies |.^1^| two years after the wedding, Lothar Matthaus and Dorina separate again for a period ending for seven months dispute. Interested viewers can the whole drama between the Musikantenstadl with Stefan Raab and the political Saturday night Talk with Winterscheid and Heufer circulating in the reality documentary’ Lothar and Dorina in Love !?’ Track on the niche channel ZDF. In 2039 the bachelor Lothar Matthaus ( 78 ) occurs eventually to succeed Joachim Loew ( 79 ) the post of national coach to |.^0^|

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