Hungary’s Prime Minister Orban gets tips from Assad, how best sells Syrians

Hungary's Prime Minister Orban gets tips from Assad, how best sells Syrians

Budapest, Damascus – water cannons, batons and tear gas alone apparently are not enough: Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban has today traveled to Damascus to personally pick up suggestions for optimal deterrence of Syrians of dictator Bashar al-Assad. This was announced by the Hungarian government.

Assad is an internationally recognized specialist in the field of displacement of people.’ Viktor Orban wants especially to find out how it is the Syrian president has succeeded in the past four years, millions of Syrians to drive away from his country,’ said a spokesman for the Hungarian government.’ With its know-how, the refugee problem would be solved within a short time lasting at least from our perspective.’

In particular, Orban was interested in information about the use of barrel bombs and poison gas and wool can be educate about potential threats posted near the border officials and their own soldiers.

In other areas such as press censorship want Orban, in whose country still opposition parties and a few anti-government media exist, benefit from the wealth of knowledge Assad. The Syrian dictator should turn over the Gastgeschenk Orban – were delighted – a brand new water cannons.

Even tonight will travel Viktor Orban to Chile. He wants to visit Margot Honecker, to find out how to build an impermeable possible limit |.^0^|

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