Hardly used: eBay users vkauder49 auctioned well preserved Basic Law

Hardly used: eBay users vkauder49 auctioned well preserved Basic Law

Tuttlingen – That sounds like a bargain: On the eBay auction site currently offers the users’ vkauder49′ a well-preserved Basic Law. The starting price is one euro. In particular, the area around Article 38, which stipulates that members of the Bundestag are not bound as representatives of the whole people by instructions and subject only to their own conscience, is in great condition.

‘ I’m getting this useless thing for professional reasons free “, writes user vkauder49 in the description.’ It is made ​​of cardboard and paper and can be set up. Inside are puzzling things. Before it lying around with me and captures dust, I would rather auction it to the highest bidder.’

According vkauder49 the book is perfect as a base for a wobbly desk, as an emergency toilet paper or’ the beating of dissidents and other traitors who violate the party discipline’.

The Basic Law is not the only thing vkauder49 offered for sale. Among other things he has with’ bullying. Psychoterror workplace. With numerous case studies’ (‘ unfortunately heavily thumbed’ ) another book on. Moreover, until today’s 15 clock the’ soul’ (‘ pitch black’ ) are bought by the user. Currently there would get with a bid of 1.01 euros user’ Devil666′ the contract |.^0^|

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