First bakery lowers price for a pound of wasps to below one euro

First bakery lowers price for a pound of wasps to below one euro

Tubingen – today the first baker has lowered the price for a pound of wasps to 99 cents in Tubingen. Claims to the private bakery’ Gauberer’ reacts with this prize to the general oversupply of wasps this summer. At higher prices would not get rid of the wasps stocks because the clientele is oversaturated |.^5^|

debt is not only the competition. Also in the fruit department of supermarkets, in beer gardens and barbecue stalls wasps are ( at least 2.99 euros / pounds last year ) now being offered as a commodity.

is afraid to sit on the wasps, because they in him the would stab butt: Henning Gauberer According Backermeister Henning Gauberer the wasp season this year is productive as long gone: Thanks to a dry spring, the harvest was abundant.’ Our delivery is overflowing with wasps. Unfortunately, hardly anybody comes into my bakery to time just to buy a bag of our yellow – black specialty’ complains the 52 -year-old.’ One might almost think, our wasps in the window scare them off.’

Earlier be hiked in the summer per week for at least three pounds of insects on his desk.’ Today I have to offer from even the fattest animals junk prices so anyone still and an entraining to try.’

If the price reduction are useless Gauberer will donate the wasps to local boards.’ It would simply be a shame if they were bad and I had to throw it away at the end of it.^0^| So at least someone has some of it’. |

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