Federal Statistical Office: Nazi problem in Sachsen dissolves by 2080 in a natural way

Federal Statistical Office: Nazi problem in Sachsen dissolves by 2080 in a natural way

Berlin -‘ Concerned citizens’, fellowships and nationally liberated zones so you know Saxony from the news. There need for action? No! For as the Federal Statistical Office has now found the Nazi problem is solved in the Free State by 2080 all by itself. A mixture of low birth rates, little immigration from abroad and emigration of the last non – Nazis until 2040 makes it possible.

also Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Saxony-Anhalt will not hold out much longer.’ Since 1990, Saxony has already shrunk by 1.5 million inhabitants. This trend will continue to accelerate, racists should continue to celebrate success,’explains sociologist Lorenz Welding.’ According to our projections, the last axis 2080 will die of a stomach ulcer that he out of rage on a yellowed photo of the last foreigner in Dresden (‘

After: After the death of the last remaining Nazis the state is ready for a new development by the less narrow-minded descendants of 2050 emigrated Saxony and West German and migrants.’ We expect the latest in 2100 again with blossoming landscapes’, as Welding.

Given the recent findings now require to preserve a number of scientists, at least a portion of Saxon culture in reserves from total extinction. Ambitious projects like a national liberated National Park or a PEGIDA safari country are so far however as too expensive and not very promising.

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