Facebook: We would like to block inflammatory comments, but they are almost never nipple inside

Facebook: We would like to block inflammatory comments, but they are almost never nipple inside

Hamburg – Since even the largest social network in the world hands bound: Every day missed, according to Facebook thousands reported by users Hetz comments of extinction because they contain hardly ever pictures of female nipples. Thus, it is almost impossible to identify inhuman baiting as a breach of the Community standards and to effectively remove.

‘ If someone asks, for example, that all refugees belong in the gas, then we will find the course ugly, but unless he topped this comment with at least one square millimeter female nipple, unfortunately we are hands bound’, sums up a Facebook spokeswoman, the problem of the group together.

Nipples free and therefore safe: Facebook comments ( Source: beads from Freital ) allegations that Facebook too hesitant action against incitement and Nazi slogans, rejects the Group. Just recently you’ve deleted a user comment, in which a young man asked,’ that kriminele Auslanderpakk on the next freight train [ to ] pakken’ because on a appended to the Post photo of a Pegida demo at 50X magnification a semi- concealed Tattoo had to guess on which a naked woman could have been mapped.

There are successes like these, to which the company prides itself.’ Our nipple scanner running around the clock. Once a Nazi posting a false picture, we have it’ |.^2^| users who want to report hate messages, the Group inhuman hatred Comments recommends also, previously to check on female nipple or other nude pictures. So have reports of commentaries maximum chances of success.

Facebook confidently refers to the positive result of his consistent censorship policy: Never have a nipple in Germany ignited a refugee home. Also would have never ganged multiple drunken female nipples to pelt police with stones then |.^0^|

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