Facebook automatically performs an alternating action profile picture

Facebook automatically performs an alternating action profile picture

Menlo Park – It’s not easy to always stay in the fight for a better world to date. Especially for Facebook users the embarrassment is often great when one forgets to adapt his profile picture to date good cause or collective mourning event. A new function is now to resolve this issue.

Politically active individualists no longer need to worry about changing your profile picture now. For as soon as a new injustice threatens an attack is happening, or any other disaster can be undone by the selfless dedication of the Facebook users, the corresponding campaign profile picture will be displayed automatically.

To enable the feature, you need only to her profile settings under’ online activism’ the check mark next to the item’ opinion’ not set’ automatically adjust’ with’ own ( manually )’ but when.

Another feature: Facebook will automatically detect if an action is gradually running out of steam.^0^| If this is the case, the campaign is simply replaced quietly overnight against their own profile picture or the next campaign. |

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