Extremely premature ejaculation: Man comes a week before the first date

Extremely premature ejaculation: Man comes a week before the first date

Leipzig – from premature ejaculation many men Surveys suffer up to 30 percent. Much rarer is the disorder that the Leipziger Markus L. hard makes life: The 27 -year-old suffers from extremely premature ejaculation ( premature ejaculation praecox praecox ). Mostly he comes several days before a date that could pull intercourse according to orgasm.

The feeling of his sexual partner not being able to satisfy long enough, the civil engineer knows only too well.’ Sometimes I am just waiting in line at the grocery store and think briefly of my next date with a beautiful woman and already I can not control myself and begin to moan.’

then stand at the end usually an indescribably wonderful feeling, a wet spot in the pants and the enigmatic urge to smoke a cigarette.’ But if it was for her so beautiful?’, Puzzled Markus.’ Often I’m not sure.’

The partner of an affected man remains unsatisfied usually because it is during the peak at a completely different place. His doctor suspects psychological reasons and also work colleagues report that Markus generally was a very premature type of person. So the Leipzig has now let a marriage contract put, he wants to bring his Internet acquaintance for proofreading. He also sweeps currently after work hours the new nursery alternately light blue and pink and has -‘ just in case’ – for next Thursday to make an appointment with the divorce attorney.

men who like Markus from extremely premature ejaculation are concerned, advise physicians to so-called’ squeeze technique’. Here the penis on the glans tip is firmly pressed together, until the moment has come where you would like to come to orgasm.

But really excited Markus is not of the method.’ More than a few days so I can not provide any remedy’ he laments.’ And in the office, I can then work with just one hand and be looked at funny.’

According to research by the Postillon is his concern, to make a fool in the night after the Date, unfounded.’ When is it again the date with him?’, Asks his 24 -year-old Internet acquaintance when we tell her about the problem.’ On September 16? Ah, there he needs not to worry’, she smiles and looks at the calendar.’ Because it can read it. 16 September. Since I anyway all day migraine’ |.^0^|

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