Exemplary: Not a single Hetzkommentar on studiVZ this year

Exemplary: Not a single Hetzkommentar on studiVZ this year

Berlin – Of other social networks can learn a lot: While Facebook gets criticized for a growing flood of hate postings, posted its direct competitor studiVZ this year not a single kind word message on its platform. According to the operator of the last case of xenophobic propaganda from the summer comes, 2009. Minister of Justice Heiko Maas ( SPD ) is excited.

‘ We announce also that has not been logged in the past few years, a single right-wing votes’, explained a company spokesman. The same also applies to meinVZ, schulerVZ and hundeVZ. How exactly the VZ networks succeed, what multibillion- dollar companies like Facebook fail, provides expert before a mystery.

Some suspect that studiVZ thousands of employees in community management employed to monitor the real-time communication, to ensure the quality of the network. Others, however, are based on an ingenious algorithm that is able to make legally questionable Hetzposts locate and remove fully automated only fractions of a second after its publication.

These rumors are wants the spokesman, at the same time acts as CEO, Moderator, IT expert and Housekeeper of the company, according to his profile description on studiVZ, not comment:’ In detail, the course is part of the trade secret of studiVZ.’

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