Everywhere porridge: plane crashed on the way in baby’s mouth

Everywhere porridge: plane crashed on the way in baby's mouth

Nuremberg – An airplane of the type’ Milupa Plastikloffel’mit approximately 15 grams of carrot puree is today crashed on the flight from the glass into the baby’s mouth. To 14.42 clock contact with flight KB07 near the bib was canceled. The crash site near the destination airport should lie near the chin first reports.

This image from the crash site is not for the faint stomachs. The air regulator has now confirmed that flight KB07 to schedule ran shortly before landing. Even the radio message’ Daaa comes the airplane !’, With the pilot usually initiates the landing, had already been received, when the plane suddenly lost height and came down to the chin.

About Absturzursache can only be speculated at this time. A pilot error can be as little ruled like a misunderstanding on the part of the ground crew.

In the meantime, an expedition with a piece of kitchen roll set out on the crash site in order to look for remnants. Eyewitnesses reported horrible scenes. Therefore everything should be smeared with mush at the site of the accident.

At the destination airport prevail dismay and sadness. Loud wailing could be heard when it became clear that KB07 was lost. But the situation seemed to calm down already, as a few seconds later flight landed safely KB08 |.^0^|

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