Especially for beginners: Ravensburger introduces one-piece Puzzle

Especially for beginners: Ravensburger introduces one-piece Puzzle

Ravensburg – Knobel fans: The Ravensburger game developer Ravensburger has introduced a new puzzle series, which especially aimed at beginners, children and impatient teenagers. With only a single large part to the new puzzle called’ One – Piezzle’ for Frustration-Free gameplay care |.^6^|

The one-piece version of the classic jigsaw puzzle is the manufacturer, the result of years of research. You searched for a concept that enables even inexperienced and impatient, to shorten long winter evenings by Puzzelei |.^4^| In addition to the one-piece One – Piezzle and creative template contains the packing instructions with tips and detailed strategies. When Scene Selection is Ravensburger initially limited to simple animal pictures, nature scenes and landscapes.

Highly detailed designs or those in which much of the sky is ready, although may have a slightly higher level of difficulty, but according to a whole should Ravensburger even novice One – Piezzlen able to achieve its first successes rapidly.

Ravensburger also announced to set up a platform on the Internet, simply bests can be compared quickly and with counterparties from around the world online seminar on the finished One – and Piezzles.

The new one- Piezzles should be on time available for HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON and cost 18,99 Euro. Those looking for a suitable gift for a toddler or baby, can look forward to: The game is already released from 0 years because no swallowable small parts are included, according to the company


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