Donald Trump and Hape Kerkeling has never been seen in the same room

Donald Trump and Hape Kerkeling has never been seen in the same room

Aachen – businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump has never been seen in a room with comedian Hape Kerkeling. This resulted in a study of the Social Sciences Institute at the Rheinisch -Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen. Over 200 performances by Donald Trump and Hape Kerkeling were checked on this overlap.

‘ So far we do not know what conclusions we should draw from this observation, but we did not want to deprive the public’, explains Professor Hans Schwadt talking to the postilion.’ After all, we can say with certainty that the paths of these two prominent men who have never crossed from far completely unknown reason now for the first time.’

been made ​​more difficult was the study by the fact that one of the two observed persons, Hape Kerkeling, have made ​​it very rare in the last few weeks, so Schwadt.’ Kerkeling was almost constantly on the move.’

According to his agency, the popular entertainer who attended the 2009 federal election campaign with his invented political Witzfigur Horst Schlammer furore, at an important, long -scale Satire project overseas, which requires his full attention works.

Professor Schwadt now wants to continue the intensive research to find a reason for the Dislokalitat of Trump and Kerkeling:’. At the latest, when Trump is sworn in as president, we hopefully know the answer’

Then would also finally time for the next projects of the renowned social scientist. Schwadt wants to find out, among other things, why rapper Marteria and CSU politician Markus Soder and Clark Kent and Superman were never seen in the same room |.^0^|

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