Cut night fence: animal rights free Mickey, Donald

Cut night fence: animal rights free Mickey, Donald

Paris – A group of French animal rights activists has cut last night at Disneyland Paris several fences. Several anthropomorphic mice, dogs, ducks and geese were freed. In a letter claiming the activists decry the fact that the animals have no place in human captivity nothing.

‘ The animals had to leave a day to touch up to twelve hours of children or pose for photos’, it says in the letter that the group released on the Internet. Retreat to avoid the intrusive visitors, there had been none.’ Animal welfare is different.’

Jacques Leclair, spokesperson for Disneyland Paris, on the other hand speaks of a cowardly and stupid act of sabotage.’ Many of the animals have spent their lives in Disneyland, not found in the wild but alone cope.’

Sadly he leads journalists to a road right next to the cut fence, where a forester scrapes three ducklings in colorful jumpers from the asphalt. They were apparently driven over immediately after escaping from a car.

Many of the runaway animals are probably lost for Disneyland Paris forever. One of the freed mice named Minnie should already fall off the rails according to eyewitnesses. She was last seen as she stood with a provocative miniskirt and pink high-heels on the roadside and has gone into a foreign car.

the charge of cruelty to animals can Disneyland at least not lying down. They want to move on to new animals and refers to the perfect infrastructure and housing of animals, such as the press secretary emphasized again:’ All our animals here it goes extremely well. Explore this ancient drake but once. He leads an international Group conglomerate, has a private jet and bathes in money. Let me see a duck in the wild that it has ever been so far’ |.^0^|

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