After Cup Final Demolition: DFB thinks about throwing lighter ban in stages after

After Cup Final Demolition: DFB thinks about throwing lighter ban in stages after

Osnabruck – Must fans soon renounce a cherished tradition? After referee Martin Petersen was hit the cup game between VfL Osnabruck and RB Leipzig of a cigarette lighter, the DFB is now considering seriously to provide the throwing of lighters in football stadiums under ban. It is feared that emanates injury from projectiles.

‘ football is an experience for the whole family. That’s why we play with the idea, lighter litters – so beautiful they are to look at – prohibit’ said DFB president Wolfgang Niersbach.’ Currently, we promote the approval of the clubs on this measure certainly controversial.’

May soon only be used for igniting pyrotechnics: Lighter fan initiatives show outraged:’ Football lives of emotions,’ says about Rene Finkel from Osnabruck Fan Club Purple – White Westerkappeln.’ Because the throwing of lighters from an anonymous mass is simply a must. What’s next? A ban to storm the place’ |?^2^| In fact, the lighter throwing tradition. He goes back to the mid-19th century, when it was customary to throw flints and tinder boxes on the pitch. Target of litters it was even then, opposing players or the referee as difficult as possible to injure and to bring about a match being abandoned. During the Weimar Republic the custom fell almost into oblivion. Insufficient force developed the then usual matchsticks. Only with the mass introduction of the lighter experienced the Zundmittelwurf a renaissance |.^1^| If the lighter discard ban actually come, would have numerous fan clubs and Ultra – groupings dissolve their lighter litter battalions or can relearn to other throwing objects. The popular litter Lighter stands in the stadiums would then belong to the past.

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