After Augsburg game: Bayern has only two penalty – Joker left for rest of the season

After Augsburg game: Bayern has only two penalty - Joker left for rest of the season

Munich – Bayern leaves springs in the title fight: After the 2: 1 win over Augsburg the Munich for the rest of the season remain only two penalty – Joker. That the club so early in the championship match to be contingent on exclusive arbitrator favors – also known as’ Bayern Bonus’ – recourse, by observers as a worrying sign.

‘ In principle we do not referee the Munich before, when they redeem their Bayern bonus for us’, says referee Knut Kircher, who led the game against Augsburg.’ But I have wondered already, as Guardiola suddenly went in the 85th minute for the fourth official, and has played the penalty – Joker.’

knows what he has to do: Linesman shortly after a penalty – Joker was played The rest is Bundesliga history: In the 88th Minute running plump Costa in the penalty area on Feulner on. Kircher whistles penalty as prescribed |.^3^| The three penalty – Joker per season, can be exercised only FC Bayern Munchen were introduced in 1972. They result from a decision of the DFB, to let the people of Munich to come’ as a figurehead of the Bundesliga in Europe’ special privileges to mitigate the rigors of everyday Championship.

the first of three jokers are running that Bayern so early in the season, many see as a sign of the power pressure under which the team is in Pep Guardiola’s third season. Not only because Knut Kircher is glad to have done everything right in its use.’ I have examined the penalty spot before the game according to the new guidelines for Bayern – games slip resistance Fortunately.’

After: Bayern remain for the rest of the 30 game days two more penalty – Joker, five incorrect offside decisions on call as well as the obligatory seven minutes stoppage time, if the 34th game was still missing a goal for Championship |^. 0^|

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