US police wants to shoot 98 White stupid reason to address racism – accusations

US police wants to shoot 98 White stupid reason to address racism - accusations

Washington – The US police wants to shoot in a nationwide week of action at least 98 White for no apparent reason or completely harmless occasions. Thus, the authorities want to racism allegations dispel that are currently applicable in view of the accumulation of fatal police shooting of African Americans. The representatives of the police authorities of all states decided on Monday at the annual conference of the American Police Association (APA ), next September, the first’ All American Police Anti – Racism Week’ hold.

‘ After the incidents of Ferguson, Tulsa and actually everywhere else the image of the American police have yet suffered greatly,’ said APA President George S. McCluney before representatives of the press in Washington. There arose the impression that American security forces would kill African Americans stupid reason in disproportionate measure.’ With the action week we want to make it clear that American policemen stupid reason to kill innocent citizens of all colors’, so McCluney.

During the week from 1st to 7th September 2015 would therefore nationwide shoot with parking offenses, Kindergartenrangeleien and’ other completely harmless occasions’ at least 98 White or drive to the police station in the suicide patrolmen.’ Given only 96 unprovoked killed blacks per year each racism allegation will then be refuted.’

While some have’ more conservative police chiefs’ uttered from the southern states strong reservations about the concept of the campaign week, McCluney admits. The one was entitled to rebut by saying that yes count in the police statistics Hispanics than whites.

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