Inspirational ! This patriot loves his country so much that he has sex three times a day with him

Inspirational ! This patriot loves his country so much that he has sex three times a day with him

Osnabruck -‘ I love Germany’ for Marco Wenske is not a phrase that you simply therefore says. The passionate patriot from Osnabruck lets his words with deeds: For more than five years, he leads with his homeland an intimate sexual relationship. Whether his behavior is considered to be’ politically correct’, the 28 – year-old does not matter. As a rule Wenske copulated three times a day with the land of poets and thinkers. Often it is sufficient a simple hole in the ground. But sometimes he masturbated while standing on his home and sings the national anthem.

One of Wenskes favorite passages: He has very often loved his homeland.’ I love Germany and that is to simply feel it even as often as possible,’ he enthuses.’ This incredibly lush meadows. The curvy hill. Or here this proud German oak. Excuse me, please. I am overcome it again.’ He disappears for 15 minutes in the undergrowth and comes back with a cigarette in his mouth.

For other alleged patriots who’ swagger Heimatliebe’ on the Internet or at regular tables used by, Wenske has nothing but contempt, calls them’ pseudo – patriots’.

Physical contact belongs to him firmly to the love.’ You can not say, but also’ I Love My Wife’ and then combines them to not’, so Wenske. For a woman in his life with so much patriotism of course no place. Also from other countries he wants to know nothing. Often he would therefore mistaken for a Nazi.’But that’s not true. I’m not a Nazi, I’m just loyal.’

For Germany he had already touched on places where it had never touched anyone, he says dreamily.’ Especially sexy I find Germany in the Bavarian Forest and the Harz Mountains. But the Ruhr Valley and the Luneburg Heath have their charm.’ Only from Saarland, it can put your fingers.’ I am not yet perverted.’

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