Generation Zero Bock: 95 percent of all babies do not help around the house with

Generation Zero Bock: 95 percent of all babies do not help around the house with

Princeton – Threatens the world the laziest generation of all time? According to an international study recognized sociologist at Princeton University in the United States, newborn the last two years involved scarcely or not at all in his parents’ household. ‘ It is shocking but you have to from 2013 people born in the region exhibit a damning witness domestic help’, explains study leader Howard Whittaker, of children from 32 countries examined, including the US, Canada and several European countries such as France, the Netherlands and Germany.

‘ self to accomplish baby lighter duties as the help in the kitchen, cleaning up of your own room or the disposal of waste, the latest generation shows across countries no longer willing.’ The reasons for this have not yet been adequately researched, scientists.’ The problem is that most of those affected, the reasons for its failure to act do not want to articulate,’ said Whittaker.’ We are facing a mystery. Even financial incentives do not seem to grasp.’

anxious parents of newborn babies, the scientists recommend, therefore, a tough policy.’ Parents should be careful not to let it go all’, says Whittaker.’ If necessary, there is just no bottle in the evening until the dishwasher granted.’

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