First coming out in the Bundesliga: Philipp Lahm admits publicly to have a single tattoo

First coming out in the Bundesliga: Philipp Lahm admits publicly to have a single tattoo

Munich (archive ) – Now it’s finally happened ! For the first time in the history of the Bundesliga is a professional footballer has publicly outed. Bayern captain Philipp Lahm admitted against the Postillon , the entire body not to have a single tattoo.’ Yes, it’s true, I’m completely untatowiert. I did not choose me. I’m just born that way.’ Fear of being now mobbed by fans or teammates, did the former international’ but a bit’ The defender had endured it internally simply no longer and now wants to make a clean sweep. ” It’s the time, even to stand publicly to my affection.’

In the Bayern squad have no one knew anything, believes Lahm, although he had a thing or two whispering course registered. After all, he had always trusted only as a last into the shower to avoid the scrutiny of Jerome Boateng, Rafinha or Mario Mandzukic.

Can a’ Regular Guy’ as accept Jermaine Jones Philipp Lahm’s inclination? Even the ritual of the jersey exchange had anew been him every time a torment.’ When I swapped times with Jermaine Jones the jersey, I was sunk in the ground almost out of shame’, he recalls. Let on he had the not.

He also know several professional colleagues with the same orientation, including some international. But everyone must decide for themselves whether and when to go to the public with an outing.

According to estimates of the’ Association tattoo loose women and men in Germany’ live more than 20 percent of professional soccer in Germany untatowiert. This would correspond roughly to the cross section of the entire population of 18- to 35 -year-olds. The real figure is probably even much higher.

A bill tattoo was still never come into question for Lahm. He took also of plans distance to let prick about a so-called Temptoo.’ So that I would have made me just not credible’, so the national team.’ That just would not correspond to my nature.’

support received Lahm of Germany coach Joachim Loew: ” I find it very brave of Philip to have taken this step. Respect !’ Rumors that Loew himself live untatowiert, the national coach, however vehemently denied.’That’s ridiculous. Ask my wife !’

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