Loud rattling and up to 200 km / h: Chris Froome accused of doping violation

Loud rattling and up to 200 km / h: Chris Froome accused of doping violation

Gap – The Tour de France, for a little more than two weeks in full swing, has its first scandal: The Company’s lead Christopher Froome is accused by several drivers from other teams that he had doped. Among other things, the Sky rider to have reached speeds of up to 200 km / h uphill. ‘ I had just fought uphill approach to Chris Froome and tried to overtake him, because he is me suddenly drove off with more than 100 things’, explains Samuel Sanchez of Team Lotto NL – jumbo over the Postillon.’ I could only smell its fumes. With training alone can not explain that. Here nature was clearly assisted.’

Other participants of the most important cycling race in the world suspicious Froome of doping.’ At the end of a stage he was not at all exhausted, which may indicate Epo’ reports about a Danish driver, who wishes to remain anonymous. Others want to have noticed a loud crackling in the British sprinting

Marc Buffet, chief inspector of WADA, however, dismisses.’ We have tested Mr. Froome several times and were able to prove any banned substances in his blood. It is absolutely clean, unless it uses tools that we can not prove today.’

The accused declined to comment on the allegations, but had by his sponsor Suzuki align, he had an absolutely clear conscience.

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