Finally Mood: Phoenix plays artificial laugh at Bundestag debates a

Finally Mood: Phoenix plays artificial laugh at Bundestag debates a

Berlin (archive ) – Those lousy rates soon to the past? To loosen the boring program, has announced the line of division transmitter Phoenix , future einzuspielen in transmissions of Bundestag debates Lacher canned, as known from US sitcoms. By this measure, the work of Parliament is also of the population are brought home away from the educated middle class. ‘ With rehearsed at each respite laughter itself acts a one-hour speech by SPD – health expert Karl Lauterbach like a screaming comic monologue by Barney Stinson in the series’ How I Met Your Mother,” said Karsten cracks, a spokesman the public broadcaster.’ It is also possible, with the progress of speech to increase the intensity of the laughter continues.’

The running gag of the Parliament and other elements, can be used to make long-winded debates entertaining:’ As a kind of running joke we are every time actually tried a politician at a joke, without the artificial Lacher and instead import only one embarrassed cough touched’, so cracks further.

Transport Minister Dobrindt ( CSU ) If, however, according to Phoenix every time he set foot on the podium, by a long’ Wuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuu !’ accompanied, the’ Married with Children’ recalls the performances by Kelly Bundy in. Once he then speak of the motorway toll, come back screaming laughter used.

In the event that prove the rehearsed laugh at Phoenix, Bundestag President Norbert Lammert has already expressed an interest, these also play live in the Parliament so that backbenchers do not always fall asleep.

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