Fearing espionage: Government sets when traveling abroad on disposable Minister

Fearing espionage: Government sets when traveling abroad on disposable Minister

Berlin – Better safe than sorry: If a business trip to Russia, China or the United States is pending, the federal government wants to use in the future so-called disposable ministers and secretaries of state disposable. The occasion is the fear of espionage by foreign intelligence services after the latest revelations in the NSA affair

Security risk:. Multipath Minister The respective ministers and top officials would disposed of immediately after their return and replaced by new staff. This was announced on Monday in the Federal Chancellery in Berlin. Uncertain multi Minister Frank -Walter Steinmeier are a thing of the past.

The Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI ) had previously warned that an espionage threat no longer exists only in mobile phones and computers. Nowadays threatened even in friendly countries’ personal manipulation of delegation members’, as by skillful questioning or reckless utterances in supposedly confidential conversations.

The only let meet, by basically let fly abroad only ministers and state secretaries without any insider knowledge. Members of government delegations should therefore be provided only the most basic information ( basic arithmetic, full name, route and duration ).

ambiguity reigns however on the disposal of used disposable Minister. After human rights groups criticized the previously planned destruction as inhumane, the Federal Chancellery verifies claims to a more sustainable recycling solution. It stipulates that the unsuspecting disposable Minister be taken directly as a simple officer in the civil service.

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