When Bernd Lucke again brings awkward silence at the family table a new party home

When Bernd Lucke again brings awkward silence at the family table a new party home

Winsen – Only the clatter of dishes and an occasional cough can be heard, while Bernd Lucke and his five children, his wife and 28 members of the new party ALFA ( Alliance for progress and renewal ) sitting at the table. Only in 2011 Lucke had left his first love CDU after 33 years membership. Since then were with the liberal voters and the AFD changing parties at his side. ‘ Tell it out from school, Anja’, Lucke tried to lighten the mood, and he throws his party colleagues of ALFA an amorous glance. While his daughter entered pokes in a salad and unintelligible mumbles to herself, moves the economist continued:’ Look, our new Treasurer, of Mr. Weber is the way teachers. Because you do have quite a few similarities.’ Again is followed by a longer phase in which no one speaks.

Since they had still love: Lucke and his party in 2013′ Well, actually it looks almost like his old party, just a bit younger,’ whispers Luckes youngest son Alex ( 12 ) a postillion reporter, while he’ times to the toilet’ goes.’ The AFD was strange, said once among us. But as a child of his father, the party can now times not choose.’

That he AFD, with which his father has recently quarreled more often, will no longer see so often, but Alex is a pity.’ We have somehow become accustomed in the past two years on it.’ He now knew but not quite sure how he should react when he meet the nights times AFD members on the street or in the supermarket.

In the dining room of the family is now re-entered embarrassed touched silence after Lucke has now been called for the second time that evening his new party AfD, without realizing it.

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