Protection of the Constitution prevents ass bombing pool at the last moment

Protection of the Constitution prevents ass bombing pool at the last moment

Arnsberg – almost at the last second, it is the Federal Constitutional protection succeeded on Sunday afternoon, to prevent an attack in the Sauerland Arnsberg. There first evidence indicates that three young men had planned at the age of 16 years, to spread in the local outdoor pool with several Arschbomben terror. As the authorities said, the terrorists wanted ( called in terrorist circles’ cannonball’, see picture above icon ) in the large float pool of the plant with simultaneous packet jumps as much water as a group distribute the same age girls.

SEC officials blocked off the pool area’ The assassin knew fortunately not that they were infiltrated by one of our undercover agents,’ said a spokesman for the Federal Constitutional protection on request.’ The plans were at an advanced stage and were on the verge of execution. One already took up.’

around 16 clock therefore began under the codename’ Neptune’ access by a heavily armed SWAT police. Even the outdoor pool, the men were able to overcome and their asses are ensured. Around 300 people were taken to safety.

The exact background of the attack plans has so far only poorly understood. The authorities, however, from a religious or political motive of the perpetrators.’ They apparently willingly took into account, in the attack even getting wet’, said an official.’ That’s martyr mentality.’

Even if they had actually been looking forward to their action and planned, just before entering the water, according to’ cannonball !’ to scream.

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