Merkel’s bodyguard fired because he crying refugee girl not removed in time

Merkel's bodyguard fired because he crying refugee girl not removed in time

Rostock – Because he did not recognize a dangerous situation quickly enough, a longtime bodyguard of Angela Merkel must now leave his post. In a civil dialogue with students in Rostock the German chancellor was suspended for several minutes without protection a crying girl while her security guards remained inactive (see video at right). Although the political survival Merkel

was the miscalculation of the bodyguard apparently never in serious danger, but the image of the Chancellor has gotten significant scratches The consequence.’ We had to unfortunately separate from the employees’ according to a spokesman of the Chancellery.’ He should have recognized the danger sooner and act immediately. At the latest when the girl’s eyes were moist, the bodyguard should have cast protectively between the Chancellor and the source of danger.’

Alternatively, he could have put on a blanket or a bag over the young Palestinian woman and remove unobtrusively from the roundtable. Also by a lightning-fast blow drying the girl’s eyes the danger could be averted. Although

The Chancellery expressly welcomed that the bodyguard for his mistake then wanted to make amends by offering personally fly out the girl to Palestine. But the damage done was too big especially the trained bodyguards did not even brought the bold inquirers moderator with an aimed shot to the range.

Despite everything, one is grateful to him for his many years of work, it is said from the Chancellery. Angela Merkel personally gave the totally dejected man who no longer knows how to feed his family, today a few pats and assured him that he had done everything but just fine.

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