Topless on horseback: Putin beaten by teenagers because they thought he was gay

Topless on horseback: Putin beaten by teenagers because they thought he was gay

Moscow ( Archive ) – a black eye, two lacerations and several broken ribs that is the result of an attack on the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was yesterday dragged on the way to a photo shoot of a group of young men from his horse and brutally beaten. Apparently, the thugs did not realize to whom it was at the lascivious shirtless man riding. ‘ We had no idea who we had in front of us’, fought back Boris Ivanov ( 17 ), one of the thugs while he was taken away, hurrying from Putin’s bodyguards.’ We have just seen that as a no rode up to brag to us and thought:’ we show the fagot’s !”

Putin before the cowardly attack of five young people would have then fallen on the surprised Putin, hooting dragged him from his horse and started herumzuschubsen him and spitting, while a sixth was filming everything with his camera phone. Attempts by the Russian President, to defend themselves with judo grips, interpreted the attacker as an attempt they’ be gay’, which had even more violent attacks result.

The video, shot in the attack, and even before the intervention of Putin’s bodyguards under the title the’ bastard gets what it deserves !’ online has been made, is currently the most shared contribution in Russian Facebook equivalent

The Russian government announced that it would retain its controversial law against homosexual propaganda continues. At the attack on Putin one could see how the existence of same-sex love brutalisiere innocent teenagers.

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