Several injured in brawl between Bandidos and No Angels

Several injured in brawl between Bandidos and No Angels

Mulheim – Again it is today in the Ruhr came to a spectacular case of gang violence. Apparently, several members of the No Angels had broken around noon in Mulheim in the area of the rocker group Bandidos, whereupon it came to violent clashes. It also knives, long fingernails and batons to have come to use.

A large police with several hundreds, was necessary to separate the rival groups. The sad outcome: 26 injured, 43 Scared, several motorbikes and destroyed a previous broken disco Nebelwerfer. 13 people were taken into custody. The police spoke several restraining orders against traders.

For months smolders in Mulheim the conflict between the No Angels and the Bandidos, who defend their territories vigorously. Who slammed that day as the first, has not been elucidated.

Testimony of chaotic scenes.’ The Blonde has knocked out a bearded rockers with a microphone several teeth’, tells a passerby. Another Bandido fears after a stiletto attack currently in the hospital to his left eye.

For the No Angels, the incident is just a continuation of its steady decline. Once cast as the German flagship girl group, they have now become a nationwide problem.

In the meantime check the No Angels much of prostitution and drug trafficking in northern and western Germany. They also have numerous nightclubs and operate illegal betting on the outcome of casting shows.

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