Bitter: On Pluto stranded man was just on the other side, flew as a probe

Bitter: On Pluto stranded man was just on the other side, flew as a probe

Pluto – What a hassle! For more than 20 years, Frank sits Meggle ( 51 ) now up to the dwarf planet Pluto firmly. But all hopes of salvation that the 51 -year-old recently had been abruptly destroyed a few hours ago: Just when he was looking for on the other side of the planet for new stones for his collection, flew for the first time ever a spacecraft past.

Unfortunately not seen on the NASA photos: Frank Meggle ( 51 )’ Damn ! Now I will probably forever on this horrible planet ( Anm.d.Red.: Meggle do not know that Pluto now no longer considered a planet.) Stuck’, tells of Auditors and amateur astronaut who in 1995 after an engine failure on Pluto was stranded.’ I just came back – with a wonderful oval stone in his hand – and I see only the back of the probe. I was just able to read the name’ New Horizon’ or something.

where Meggle had prepared everything for 20 years for exactly this situation.’ I have a huge pile of wood, with whom I had kindled a fire that could have been miles away can see. For this I would repeatedly jumped up and had wild and rowed with the arms. Something like that.’ Meggle bounce a couple of times on the spot

At least one consolation the native Wuppertaler yet.’ At some point, the thing must indeed fly back. I may miss it under any circumstances.’ Meggle supported:’ Who am I talking about? Haha. Now I lead already soliloquies.’

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