Little Timmy ( 9 ) has to go home, because family cat has children dander

Little Timmy ( 9 ) has to go home, because family cat has children dander

Saarbrucken – They had been looking forward nine years ago so the boy. But now the parents of little Timmy ( 9 ) have to give their son in a home. The sad reason: the new cat family suffers from an acute child dander, which makes their lives with Timmy torture. ‘ At first we thought that our Minka’s just a cold’, explains Timmy’s father.’ But then we are but eventually went with her to the vet.’ The terrible diagnosis: The three-year cat suffers from a strong child dander must constantly sneeze when the nine-year Timmy comes near

.’ We had Timmy to sleep in the garden for a while,’said the father.’ But that was just a little alleviated the symptoms. That was not a permanent solution.’

Timmy now in a home, must find his mother shame.’ We had him already a little to my heart, since we got him. But with Minka together it’s just not.’

Also Minka would be hard to say goodbye to Timmy.’ Both have super understood. That is certainly not easy for them,’says Timmy’s mother.’ Maybe we buy her a doll she hinwegzutrosten about losing.’

The most difficult is the family but even before: The journey into the home.’ We will try to persuade him good and make him as stress-free as possible,’ said Timmy’s father. He hopes that the drive runs smoothly.’ Finally, we practice for three days with the transport box.’

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