Colony of German South-Eastern Europe adopted at the behest of Berlin’s new laws

Colony of German South-Eastern Europe adopted at the behest of Berlin's new laws

Athens – There is these days a rare assiduity in German – South Eastern Europe. Until midnight, the Eingeborenenrat the German reserve Greece time to reflect the will of Berlin with the enforcement of a comprehensive legislative package. Even the proud chieftain balk against the guiding hand of civilization. But Schauble Federal Commissioner is confident that the Greeks should ultimately listen to reason. ‘ We have let the reins for too long’, Mr Schauble said yesterday in Berlin. So it was a folly to put the fate of the peoples of Greece temporarily in their own hands. Again and again we must now funds to German – South Eastern Europe transferred to ever get timely tribute.

The flag of German – South Eastern Europe’ to the Greeks is the responsible handling of finances alien. From business he knows nothing’, the Federal Commissioner, who is an acknowledged expert on the southern mind.’ Since the Greeks can still so much screaming and clamor that he wants to manage themselves.’

The legislative package, to be forced later than this evening by the Eingeborenenrat the colony, are now expected to re- order and discipline hold retreats in sunny Hellas.

But punishment must be: To the desire to take on the natives revolt, Greek possessions worth 50 billion euros to rich merchants and Companien be sold. The military, however remains untouched: against Imperial Russia every hand is needed


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