Schauble: I actually called for the head of Varoufakis on a silver platter

Schauble: I actually called for the head of Varoufakis on a silver platter

Berlin – Just one day after the agreement on the Greek crisis presented the Postillon exclusive first interview with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble (CDU ), who grants us blunt insight into the grim world of EU diplomacy:

Postillon: Mr Schauble, nice that you have found the time for the first interview after the historic agreement in Brussels.

Schauble: But like. I read the postilion already since the first edition in 1845, especially the dating and the horoscope. At the time I was actually Finance of the Grand Duchy of Baden

Can it comes to economy every Swabian housewife hold a candle. Wolfgang Schauble. Postillon: Without Hitler mustache and Wehrmacht uniform we would not have detected almost.

Schauble ( creaks strange, probably laughing ): Haha. Yes, the Greek media like to exaggerate a bit. However, these are all photomontages. Hitler mustache and Wehrmacht uniform I wear only at home. Private. I find the iron cross too heavy for everyday use.

Postillon: How to comment on the outcome of the negotiations in Brussels? Do you have the right strategy found

Schauble: Yes. After all, we have transferred in recent years € 216 billion to Greece, so that can service their old debts to the German Ban er with their creditors and have watched for five years, as the economy has slumped by the austerity measures. As we thought about: We trying times with additional aid money and even more austerity measures. Just because something did not work the first time and the second time, it must not be false so the third time. We do this now until it works

Postillon:. Critics say that their demands in the negotiations were too hard.

Schauble: Nonsense. In the weeks before I actually even called for the severed head of Yanis Varoufakis on a silver platter. There was, however, but then resistance from some colleagues. Nevertheless Varoufakis has since resigned out of fear. But I still catch already sometime. And if it’s the last thing But I digress…

Postillon: How long Greece must save until they get better?

Schauble: An estimated 1341 years. But could also be 1344 years. But at the latest when Greece has saved back to the Stone Age, following the upturn. Only barter, then clam currency and in the year 3472 has again caught up with the rest of interstellar EU Greece. If you start at zero, then it can only go upwards. That’s business, first semester I mean. As a non – economist, I can only guess because ultimately

Postillon:. You have studied law.

Schauble : Exactly. So I know: A contract is a contract is a contract. He must never be broken again and adapted to the realities and is more powerful than all the referenda in the world. I pray at night to contracts and when I wake up, then the first thing I think jam. But soon after coming contracts

Postillon:. So you would never violate contracts or applicable law

Schauble: Never. So do something only Greeks. The word’ corruption’ comes already from the Greek. Corruption and nepotism are as to the system.

Postillon: We could have spent a relatively thick envelope, which we want to send easily your party. In return, we hope a new law, which provides for generous tax breaks for newspapers, whose name is on’ illon’ ends

Schauble:. Bring it on. However, I’m going to cover – whatever there may be in there too – do not open, but pass directly CDU Treasurer Philipp Murmann. That is legally sound.

Postillon: Back to Greece. The crisis there has been going on at least seven years. Find it justified that including Greek children have to suffer, can not help it? What do you say about the small Timotheos ( 9 ), who lives on the street in Athens

Schauble: For these children, I have no understanding. Firstly, most of them do not work and get away with it all the way to their unemployed parents ( 25.6% ). Secondly, the small Timotheos would once he grows up, and even be able to build a time machine. With whom he would go back to the pre-crisis period and prevent the whole disaster. Then we would now not talk about this issue. Because he is lazy, he has not made ​​

Postillon:. How do you explain their great popularity in recent surveys among the German population?

Schauble ( proudly ): This is probably due to my incredible charisma. In addition, I bathe regularly in the blood of a freshly slaughtered Guttenberg. Oh. I just read that my popularity value has declined by one percent. I have to go

Postillon:. Mr. Schauble, we thank you for the interview

Schauble:.. Isch over

< i > Postillon: Tell that now always

Schauble: Isch over.

Postillon: You always want to have the last word, or

Schauble: Isch over .

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