Agency rents athletes who jog for lazy client or go to the gym

Agency rents athletes who jog for lazy client or go to the gym

Hamburg (archive ) – Good news for those who are tired to sweat to stay in shape ! In Hamburg recently has opened an agency that has specialized to remove busy or just lazy client who toil exercise. These rented WeSweat4U young fit people who jog instead of paying customers, radelen or go to the gym. has no fear of muscle soreness: Carsten Lubstein’ Many people feel the need to get rid of excess pounds. But not everyone has the time and desire to exercise regularly’, said agency chief Michael Reimann at the opening ceremony a week ago to the press.’ Our Mietsportler are the solution.’

And the principle works: Carsten Lubstein about lounging at the bar just a hamburger gyms and sip on a protein drink. He was allowed to test the concept of WeSweat4U already for several weeks and will not come out of the flocks:’ It’s just awesome. While I let me go well here, raises a Mietsportler weights for me and another pedaling on the bike from.’ Has decreased Lubstein not yet, but he’s sure coming soon’. First one builds muscle, then melts the fat’

Runs for others: Irina K. Even businessmen can rely on the services of WeSweat4U.’ Our athletes are available 24 hours a day,’ said Reimann.’ Who, for example, on a business trip in LA is, has evening overeat at the buffet and therefore at 8 clock in the morning spontaneously want someone jogs a lap for him the easy calls, are distance, length and speed by and we send someone going on.’

Mietsportlerin Irina K. so is a’ somebody’. The sports student running, cycling and swimming in the order of four WeSweat4U for wealthy clients.

‘ In order to finance studies and worry at the same time that people who have less time than I have to stay fit,’ says K., who often runs after work a few rounds for themselves, so they do not except form device.

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